Hair Growth Fermented Rice Herbal Shampoo

1. No Fuss 

I know this may sound strange but stop fussing over your hair and grooming it every minute. Some of the women I have interviewed told me that their hair grew the most when they had not time to groom it and just left it alone. I myself could not believe this but I heard from 17 out of 20 women all from diverse ethnicity that I interviewed. I will have to say that they’re quite right about this one I remember for a month I was running around and not really prissying up myself and at the end of the month I went to my stylist to do me hair. She  asked me what I was doing because my hair growed wild and healthy I told her absolutely nothing and she was astonished.  

2. Massage & Inversion

Scientists say that our bodies go into repair mode between the hours of 10 pm  to 2pm so there for why not give our scalp a treat by massaging it right before bed or a night. The best way in my opinion is in the inversion position, you’ll rub  nails together and cause a bit of friction/ heat then massage scalp in circular  motions. This will allow more blood to flow via circulation allowing more oxygen travel to the head. A great You Tube channel to check out is “Green Beauty”, they have a video on this here is the link     


3. Love 

As simple as this sounds love makes anything grow. Love you hair and allow that energy to enrapture your follicles. Okay so your hair cannot talk to you and litterally say love me but love it. When you groom it stroke it with loving care and you'll see a difference it will make for the better.  


4. Feeding the Body PROPERLY!!!

You are what you eat may sound like a cliché but it is true and you know it. Eating a balance diet, juicing and dieting really helps to promote hair growth.

5. Supplements *Niacin & *Biotin  

This is all the rave in hair growth. These has been claimed to grow hair really fast, thick and  healthy. Some folks have been taking this and other hair growth supplements in their morning  coffee. They claim it really optimizes the results. Check out “Leda Lums Apothecary” video on how she takes supplements with her coffee. Here is the link


6. Being Realistic 

Don't stress if your hair is growing but not fast enough some of us don't have naturally fast growing. Hair growth is depends on a few factors and also hereditary. Do your best don’t stress and give it time.   


7. Detoxed Hair & Scalp 

Least but not last we been taught our entire life to wash condition and maybe deep condition every other week. However, no one ever says detox....yes detox. You hair picks up alot of toxins through out day and this accumulates. Think about we detox our bodies, detail our cars, spring cleans the house but never detoxes our hair. With that being said we at Royal Herbal Organics highly suggest our fermented rice herbal shampoo detox. This non-suds / no lather formula will penetrate hair and scalp gently and help to pull out toxins. This all happens without stripping hair, without bringing on greys and without any damages. This method with continues use will grow hairs, edges and some claims to even reduce grays. Again these are all repeat customer claims for the last 12 years. Don’t forget to get your at